Sell your used textbooks & electronics. For the best price. Hassle-Free.

It has never been easier ...

For all your used products we either automatically find a fixed-price buyer (e.g. Chegg, Gazelle, ...) or manually search for a buyer on eBay or Craigslist. Just let us know when & where and we'll come by, pick up your products (for free) and handle the whole resale process for you.


Some features that make our app awesome

  • Automatic product list

    Our patent-pending technology can analyze which products you bought in the past

  • 1,000,000+ Products

    Add products easily by searching our database of more than 1,000,000 products

  • Price comparison

    We find you the highest price by comparing 15+ (and growing) stores

  • Hassle-free sale

    Sell your products without ever leaving the app - it couldn't be easier

  • Pickup

    We even pickup your products at home (in supported areas)

  • Free

    ShelfFlip is free

Meet the team

Stephan Kletzl

1st social network startup >10 years ago
Worked at PwC
Business Master

stephan @ shelfflip . com

(312) 647 7332

Christian Kletzl

1st social network startup >10 years ago
Worked at Google, Microsoft & McKinsey
CS Master, Kellogg MBA

christian @ shelfflip . com

(847) 702 5706

David Pichsenmeister

Founder & Dimocom
CS Bachelor

david @ shelfflip . com

(415) 763 2680

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